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In all cultures, mysteries, symbols, and signs borrow from vision, experience, and religion. Strung together, they create a picture or message, the building blocks of communication. If understood, they can guide an attentive hunter to a long-hidden treasure!

Ninety percent of the work involved in finding a treasure cache is research. Anything else and the recovery is nothing but pure luck. You must think like the person who buried it in the first place.

Concealment is a matter of secrecy and camouflaging. The message-writer used symbols to describe his/her own identity or that of the treasure, navigational directions, landmarks, distance, or even superstitions involved with the trove.

Carson has unearthed all manners of hidden messaging. Info-packed and filled with excellent illustrations and case studies — the edges of your treasure-hunting braincells will illuminate (the attic light suddenly goes on!). A must-have research tool for those hunting lost & forgotten caches.

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From The Signs & Symbols Handbook

Don't Disregard ANY Symbol!
Save It For The Future

Identifying Your Symbols:

Identify your symbols after first finding them. Even one symbol can tell a complete story. Don't disregard it, save it for the future. Carry along a piece of white chalk and trace the sign, photo it, draw it on a piece of paper, noting any unusual characteristics of the land and its features. Locate the next one and repeat the process, drawing it on your map in correct correlation to the first or the last one you drew. When able, secure and draw it on a topographical map.

Determine If These Are Treasure Symbols

Read history! Follow up on rumors, tales of individuals who inhabited the areas, then piece together what you have learned. By this time you have a good idea if your lead is a good one and if it pertains to treasure or was placed there for other reasons.

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From The Signs & Symbols Handbook

What ABOUT The Spanish Dollar, Or ''Pieces Of Eight''?

PESO = Spanish For ''Weight'':

The peso (Spanish: ''weight'') is a unit of currency that originated in Spain and is now used by several former Spanish colonies. The peso coin weighed 27 grams and was of 92 percent pure silver.

The Eight Real Coin:

Today the term peso is sometimes used interchangeably to include the historic Spanish eight real coin (also called the Spanish dollar or colloquially ''pieces of eight''), which was the main Spanish coin during colonial times. This is primarily because pesos were of similar weight and diameter to the eight real coin. However the term peso did not appear on Spanish coinage until 1864, and it is more accurate to refer to the older coinage as the eight real coin (or Spanish dollar, or "pieces of eight").

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From The Signs & Symbols Handbook

CHEMICAL Signs and Symbols

CHEMICAL Symbols Can Mean:

Copper Oxides or Saffron, Oil, Olive Oil, Arsenic, Vinegar or Acid, Tin.

Defining CHEMICAL Signs and Symbols:
A chemical symbol generally comes from its latin name. It is an abbreviation or short representation of the name of a chemical element. Natural elements all have symbols of one or two letters; some man-made elements have temporary symbols of three letters. Because chemical symbols are often derived from the Latin or Greek name of the element, they may not bear much similarity to the common English name, e.g., Na for sodium (Latin natrium) and Au for gold (Latin aurum).

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The Signs & Symbols Handbook

SUN Signs and Symbols

SUN Signs and Symbols:

Sun with minerals close by, Sun God, large quantity of minerals, gold sign, rising sun that means look east and the number of rays is the number of days, gold with treasure nearby, setting sun means to look west.

Sun symbols can mean:

Gold in alchemy, the driving wheel on a locomotive as in a railway ideogram, sunshine in meteorological systems, a plant with a one-year life cycle (also known as one sun cycle) in botany, and ''here live mean-tempered persons'' — in both the US and the British variations of Hobo signs.


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